How Was the Olère Farm Born

Our history is that of a priceless landscape

Monumental olive trees, a red and fertile soil, a warm and fragrant air. It’s easy to fall in love with Apulia and its beautiful landscape, and it is useless to deny that this is how our family fell in love with it, now long ago. This is where our roots are, although other choices, other paths led us away from home.

Over time, however, the desire to move permanently from north to south Italy, to live every day these places and allow them to rightly testify what they are, has become so strong that change was almost natural. And here we are, to tell you about our project: Olère.

One day we “met” a land of over 130,000 square meters near Ostuni, with 1900 centuries-old olive trees and with 47 carob trees and we immediately decided to undertake this adventure.

Today our greatest desire is to give this land a voice to express itself. How? By cultivating it, sharing its fruits and turning them into healthy and organic products. By respecting and caring for it in the most loving way. By living it with its full and marvellous complexity, and by sharing every discovery.

“We like to think of us as “ambassadors” , friendly intermediaries between such a rich environment and those who want to know it and experience it.”

— Carmela Riccardi

“Today our biggest wish is to give voice to this land!

— Giulia Tizi

From the Land to the Table: Organic Olive Oil from Apulia and Carob-made Products

The extra virgin olive oil can be considered as the “voice” of our trees: they convey their deep bond with the landscape, with nature and with us. This is why we produce it with great attention, adopting an innovative processing, faithful to the principles of the organic farming. An oil of rigorous quality, created with love, technologies and expertise, and with the loving support of those who believe in it and support us.

Even carob trees hide valuable treasures to our food supply. Processing the pulp of their fruits, we create products , as healthy and genuine as the healthy and vigorous land they come from.

Not Only Online Sale: We Promise You a Rich and Unique Experience in Apulia

We strongly believe that the riches offered by our land near Ostuni must be savoured not only at table: to really grasp them, one must experience them in a direct and personal way. That’s why we will tell the stories and sights of each fruit, tree, grain of soil and we will invite you to experience them in person, through guided tours, training courses, events and convivial experiences.

In addition to the story (and harvest), we will make you see this priceless landscape through the “eyes” of a drone and you shall experience our entire production process and … the realization of an innovative project that will come to life brick after brick under your eyes: a farmhouse, ancient and modern at the same time; the 2.0 farm.