Olère Farm: an Experience to Live and Share

Treat yourself to a wonderful adventure in the most authentic heart of the Apulia region

When we “met” this warm and familiar landscape of Apulia that we have chosen as a place where to establish Olère, thousand-year-old olive and carob trees welcomed us with great affection. From the first moment, they made ​​us feel at home and part of this ancient and fertile land. They asked us to do the same with everyone else who wants to discover and experience first hand this territory, and that’s how we realised we shared the same desire.

Narrating the beauty of this lush land, how we collect and process its fruits, how we take care of our thousand-year-old “friends” and how we will realize a farm combining tradition and innovation is one of the ways we know to share with you this experience. The other is to invite you to experience it, by touching each treasure that our drone will show you, listening to the sounds of nature, and savouring its smells.




Walking together among olive and carob trees, tasting of products and moments of conviviality

Come enjoy the shade under one of our majestic travelling companions; come and listen to the “chatter” of the branches shaken by the wind; come and feel scents and flavours hard to find elsewhere. We want to share with you the entire production cycle of the products of our land (from the harvesting of olives and carobs, to their transformation into genuine food, and to tasting the final product); we want to share with you how we built a technological yet traditional 2.0 farm in Apulia; we want to share with you our dreams and our adventures, asking you to accompany us with a smile, a bit of good company and healthy debate to create together a wonderful story.