2.0 Farm

The future begins from Olère

Hospitality and innovation will characterize our farm in Apulia

Olère is an ongoing project, which wants to travel in time.

At its core, there is our look towards a future of rare beauty combining modernity and tradition. Our return to the land is not a return to old time: we have loads of experience, the baggage of what we are also as concerns our relationship with technology and interactivity. To us, a 2.0 Farm is a way to rethink the agricultural world in a modern key and yet maintain original characteristics.

Our idea is to make Olère a place where to share unique moments of conviviality and visit, by connecting to the wi-fi because we need it for many reasons, taking books from a library because we are thinking beings, chatting together and tasting typical products because we are social beings.

In Olère you will find all due respect, calmness and attention you are looking for without necessarily turning yourself into a hermit.

What we are doing to create an ecologically sustainable farm

We want the anthropic element to be pleasing to the eye and in complete harmony with the natural beauty.

The recovery of the local building tradition and technology will go hand in hand with the basic requirement of ecological and environmental sustainability. Thanks to thermal and photovoltaic plants and rainwater collection, we will get an almost entirely autonomous settlement in terms of energy and in terms of water supply. The building materials and finishes used will be ecologically sustainable, and we will remain faithful in every way to the logic of minimal impact.

Our construction work will leave intact the main visual landscape, particularly from the streets and scenic lookout points; the areas of Mediterranean vegetation existing on the property boundaries and inside the property itself shall be equally protected.

No olive tree will be uprooted from the place that it has always occupied.